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Common Questions Answered About Root Canal Procedures

When an individual's tooth becomes infected, the inflammation can often spread to the center portion of the tooth. When this occurs, most individuals feel intense pain in the inflamed tooth. To remedy the pain and to restore the damaged tooth, a dentist will perform a root canal procedure. The information below will answer common questions about this kind of tooth issue and having a bloomfield root canal procedure.

Why do individuals experience tremendous tooth pain when they need to have a root canal?

The middle portion of the tooth is called the pulp and this is where the blood vessels and nerves are located. When a tooth infection spreads to the middle of the tooth, it damages the nerves and causes an individual to have excessive pain in the tooth.

Are there other options for relieving the pain besides having a root canal procedure?

The only other option for individuals who have an infection in their tooth is to have the tooth extracted. Once a tooth is pulled, individuals must have extra procedures performed if they want to replace the missing tooth. When an individual chooses to have a root canal procedure, the tooth will function as before and no additional procedures are necessary. When possible, it's always better to save a tooth instead of having it pulled. Once a tooth is gone, the adjacent teeth may begin to veer into the opening and eventually become loose.

What can individuals expect at the dental office when they have a root canal procedure?

The dentist will begin the procedure by drilling a small opening into the crown of the tooth. Through this opening, the dentist removes the infected pulp that's inside the tooth. When the center of the tooth is cleaned out the dentist places a rubbery dental substance inside the tooth to replace the missing pulp. The opening is then sealed up with a filling and the dentist may also place a crown on the tooth if necessary.

Individuals who have a painful infection in their tooth can contact bloomfield dental designs to schedule a root canal procedure. This clinic also provides various other dental services including fillings, cleanings, teeth whitening and dental bonding.